Jason Merrill moved to Pennsylvania at age 15 from Long Island.  Around that time, he fell in love with Hawley, PA - the town in which he currently resides - and at the same time developed a love for playing guitar.

This love moved him to self-teach and perform as early as a year later.

He immediately started figuring out ways how to record himself in order to hear what he sounded like and experiment.

He hasn't changed much.

in the year 2000, he started building the basic parts of what would be his studio today. Jason became obsessed with performance and sound.

He played in bands in the early 2000s but was never very serious about it. This changed after some intense life events and moves from North Carolina to Montreal and up. He returned to Pennsylvania in 2007 to get a degree.

At first, in Computer science.

And then, in Education.

After all of this, these six years in college/university, he decided he just wanted to do music full time.

By 2013 he had graduated with 2 degrees but had already established himself as a professional musician, teacher, and recordist/sound engineer.

Currently, Jason performs in two groups, along with various smaller projects that crop up from time to time. He teaches at the Black Bear Conservatory in Hawley PA as well as Songbird Studios in Narrowsburg NY. He has been known to volunteer his time for various efforts with the Downtown Hawley Partnership, and he works with people that have special needs.

Jason also maintains a recording studio in Hawley called Sonusgrey.

He is passionate about music, sound, education, and the intrinsic benefits that each holds.

So, with the exception of more gear, more knowledge, more experience, and more desire than ever,

...he hasn't really changed much.